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We provide diversified and large scale sustainable feedstock solutions for industry

We source and supply Used Cooking Oil, Brown Grease and Palm Acid Oil from Soapstock for use in biodiesel production industry.

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

UCOs or yellow grease are oils and fats that have been used for cooking or frying in the food processing industry, restaurants, fast foods and at consumer level, in households.

Brown Grease / Grease Trap Waste

Brown Grease or Grease Trap Waste is a kind of waste collected in grease traps either from restaurants, food processing plants or even waste-water treatment plants.

Palm Acid Oil from Soapstock

Palm Acid Oil is a by-product of alkaline refining of Crude Palm Oil. Crude Palm Oil is refined, bleached and deodarised to enable it to be used in edible applications. One of the by- products of alkaline refining is soapstock. Acidification of soapstock using sulphuric acid gives Palm Acid Oil.

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